April 30, 2019
Brian Plott, Jim Fish and Alex Walsh are standing in front of the BlueDriver booth at ETI

Our own Jim Fish and Alex Walsh attended this year’s ETI Tool Tech event – the annual gathering of leading diagnostics providers – which was held in Charlotte, North Carolina this year. The event, which was kicked off at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, included attendees from GM, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, as well as Snap-on, Launch-Tech, Continental, and Bosch. Jim and Alex were left inspired by a roster of speakers that included Jeff DeGraff, from the University of Michigan and Tim Woods, of the Autonomous Vehicle Alliance. 

Key topics discussed included: 

  • the future of vehicle repair; 

  • the increasing need and care taken in the areas of cybersecurity and consumer privacy; 

  • and, the increasing sophistication of vehicle architectures.   

Did you know that today’s vehicles have over 100 Million lines of code and dozens of individual electronic modules? The technology to diagnose vehicles continues to outpace the technical change, and cloud based resources enable even the most difficult diagnostic solutions to be handled without fear. Considering that, the most valued portion of the agenda for Jim and Alex was speaking to event attendees about those technological advancements. By listening to the challenges and concerns of industry leaders, the BlueDriver team is well equipped to work with the industry to ensure we continue to give you everything you need to repair your own vehicles.