April 30, 2019
Jim Fish from BlueDriver accepts the Director's Award for exemplary service to ETI

BlueDriver and Jim Fish have been active members of ETI (Equipment and Tool Institute) for many years, but that dedication has ramped up in recent years, culminating with Jim taking the helm as ETI President and Chairman of the Board last year. ETI helps enable the success of its members by championing collective interests. Currently those interests include increasing vehicle complexity, rapid change in the automotive industry, and heightened concern over the safety and security of vehicle repair. ETI also provides a unique and collaborative environment for diagnostics solution providers to work directly with vehicle manufacturers.  

At this year’s ETI Tool Tech convention, Jim accepted a special Director’s Award in recognition of exemplary service to ETI. That service has included the recruitment and placement of ETI’s new Executive Director, Brian Plott, and a restructure of the mission and vision of ETI.  “As fast as the technology is moving in the automotive space, it was time for some pretty deep change. ETI allows it’s members to stay ahead of that curve and the moves made to the institute this year position ETI members to deliver leading edge capability for their customers for years to come.” said Jim Fish. 

Our ETI membership allows us to work directly with vehicle OEM’s, which is critical in delivering the best enhanced diagnostic capability in the industry. Jim and the BlueDriver team will continue to cultivate and nurture relationships within the automotive industry, so that we can continue delivering the best product imaginable.